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The Top 5 Airport Fashion Outfits to Up Your Style Game

Whether you’re traveling for fun or for business, we all know the dreaded airport can be. For most of us, it means long lines and plenty of waiting. It also means making sure we look our best in (sometimes) uncomfortable environments where there’s not a ton of privacy. In short, it’s a perfect place to try out new airport fashion trends. But finding the right pieces doesn’t have to be difficult—and they don’t need to break the bank either! Below are some stylish options for the airport and traveling that will make your trips that much more comfortable. Traveling with long layovers at airports can be fun, but also exhausting. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, it’s essential to be comfortable while maintaining your fashion sense and style. Here are the top five airport fashion outfits that will help you to look good and feel great during your travel time.

1. Casual but polished

You’ll have many opportunities to flash your fashion sense on a flight or at an airport, but you’ll want outfits that are casual and polished. For example, a bright-colored dress or pantsuit is great for arriving at an airport in style, while jeans and a shirt will do just fine for your flight. A blazer and some jewelry can be key details that make an outfit stand out. It might seem strange, but those little details often give other travelers something new to notice about you when they look at you; it’s fun for them (and for you) when someone notices that cool brooch!

2. Basic black

There is a reason that black is an iconic fashion color. It is timeless and can work for any occasion. You may have even heard that black clothing absorbs light and therefore doesn’t make you look heavier. While that might be a little bit of a stretch, wearing basic black (or anything in black) can make you feel slimmer—which will always make you look better, especially at a time when your appearance could be under extra scrutiny (like at an airport).

3. Bright colours

Bright colors are always a safe bet for the airport. From scarves and sweaters to shoes and bags, you can’t go wrong with fun shades. For example, a bold yellow scarf will make any outfit pop at the airport (and not just because it’s the color of stoplights). It also goes without saying that anything in red is going to get your attention—whether it’s red pants or a bright-red shirt. Red adds some spice and pizzazz that would otherwise be missing from your outfits. Bright colors are big at the airport and even bigger when jetting off on vacation; experiment with different options and see which ones work best for you!

4. Seasonal wear (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall looks)

It’s true that airport fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. And, it’s okay if you don’t want to worry about what you wear when traveling. But if you do want some travel outfit inspiration, consider picking up a few pieces in seasonal colors for the different seasons. For example, my favorite airport outfits include a cute light sweater and white jeans for the winter months and a cool summer dress with flats for the spring and summer seasons. It’s more fashionable to travel with seasonal clothes because it adds variety to your clothing options (you never know what the weather will be like at your destination). It also allows you get away with wearing less clothing because of the season as well.

6. Cute Luggage

Since airport fashion is about being stylish, but also about functionality, it’s important to have an outfit that makes you feel and look good. Different luggage and bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be carry-on only while others can hold a great deal of items and accessories. But whether you choose a small crossbody purse or a large piece of luggage is entirely up to you. For some, having several smaller bags gives them more storage options during travel, while others prefer fewer bags so they don’t overstuff their luggage with items they won’t use once they arrive at their destination. The best part about choosing your style is that there are no wrong answers!

Which of these airport outfits are your favorite? Do you have a go-to or do you just wear whatever? Let us know in the comments below!

The 5 Pillars of Goddess Energy: How to Raise Your Vibration and Embody Your Feminine Power

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Goddess energy can be hard to define, but every woman feels it in some form or another. It’s the confidence you feel when you walk into a room and all eyes are on you; it’s the calm you feel when you witness an act of kindness; it’s the love that radiates from your heart when you are holding your child close to yours. The love goddess energy represents is unconditional, everlasting, and ever-present. It has been there since the beginning of time and will continue to exist long after we are gone. Here are five pillars of goddess energy you can use to elevate your feminine vibe and express yourself as the empowered woman you are.

1) Love Yourself

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Love yourself, as that is your key into opening up your body and spirit for a deeper connection with divine feminine energy. The divine feminine is about healing love in our bodies; she is a nurturing healer who guides us to becoming self-reliant through service. Divine feminine energy is unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, caring, abundant joys, overflowing happiness. Love yourself deeply so you can be open to feel her energies fully. And don’t forget that allowing others in our lives to hurt us or mistreat us shuts out her light too. Only true unconditional love will allow you to realize your spiritual potentials! Use loving intentions towards all in your life every day — it feels good! In fact, if you can learn to truly love yourself unconditionally, then and only then are you able to really feel another’s pain, sadness or despair – just like they are feeling it themselves. If we’re going to heal ourselves and our planet at large, we need more people working on their own individual growth rather than focusing on what everyone else should do (or not do). Loving ourselves means accepting everything about ourselves – both negative AND positive traits – and treating ourselves with kindness. It also means knowing when we need help from other people…we aren’t meant to walk alone!

2) Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature is important for all aspects of life, not just goddess energy. If you’re in a big city, go on a walk in a park every day; if you’re on vacation in rural Vermont, head out on a hike or maybe just sit by yourself and stare at the clouds for an hour. This is important because spending time in nature helps our minds de-stress, recharges our batteries (literally—studies have shown that exposure to nature can help us fight seasonal affective disorder), and reminds us that we’re still part of something bigger than ourselves. Also it’s nice to be near trees. It’s always a good idea to make sure your mind and body are in sync, so while you’re outside doing whatever you do when connected with nature, try practicing yoga as well.

3) Do what You Love

The most obvious tip for raising your feminine energy is to do what you love. It’s important to note that you have many different interests, talents, and areas in which you are gifted. There’s no need to do what is considered a traditional role or career if it doesn’t bring out your full power. If you know what your gifts are, find a way that allows you express them fully. Choose work or activities that make you feel creatively alive. You might not be able to work at Starbucks as an artist every day, but there might be something else you can do—like teaching art classes on weekends or working part-time in an art supply store while supporting yourself with another job.

4) Give Back

When you’re feeling low, there’s something about working for a good cause that can pick you up. Whether it is volunteering at your favorite animal shelter or giving back at your place of worship, there is something amazing about feeling inspired by a sense of purpose. This energy affects not only us but those around us as well. When we give back in a big way, we are engaging our feminine energy on all levels. It makes us feel better, it lifts others up with our kindness and generosity, and it connects us with other like-minded individuals who understand what you’re going through. Such an important thing isn’t something we should ignore.

5) Accept & Receive

Goddess energy isn’t about material gain. One principle is accepting gifts and compliments from others as graciously as possible, even if you don’t believe them; remember, it’s important to honor your internal energy as well as outward appearances. You are divine, after all. If someone offers a compliment or gift to you, accept it graciously. Whether that means telling someone they look nice in their new outfit or thanking them for giving you a ride home, there are plenty of opportunities to express gratitude throughout your day—just try not to overdo it! While some people may seem uncomfortable receiving praise (and some people simply don’t want compliments), practice accepting what comes your way.

12 Outfits That Go With Sneakers

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Top Trending & Mouth-Watering Recipes on Google Right Now

If you’re human, you’ve most likely ran out of ideas or got tired of the same old dinner recipes, Doordash orders, or take-out you always get. We get it, life gets busy and you can’t always make a variety of gourmet meals on the daily. However if you ever get a chance to decide to spice up your dinner plans with something different, maybe check out this list of trending recipes on google right now. Just glancing over it made our mouths water.

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A Refresher on The Effects of Technology

What a wonderfully thought-provoking article, although I wish the title was more transparent because technology definitely affects more than just Christians in good and bad ways. It definitely enhanced my knowledge about how technology affects us. Technology can dramatically affect one’s faith or mental wellness—both positively and negatively. On the one hand, a few negative points the article stated that seemed noteworthy were that technology:

  • Changes how we think
  • Can become an idol in our lives
  • Can enable other idols, i.e. pride
  • Can be a distraction

I agree with all of these and I think all of them affect one’s faith. First, with the shows we watch on television or on Netflix, they can very easily manipulate our thought processes into a secular perspective so that everything seems okay (when it’s not ok, at least for the believer). Next, technology has definitely become the shiny idol of our generation—whether it’s being attached to our cellphone, which I am a victim to, or relying on a program on our computer to give us happiness—whether its Pinterest or winning a video game. This is also a slippery slope to enabling pride because of how technology, computers, phones, etc. have the ability to help people express their identity through social media platforms. Though these aren’t necessarily bad, they can be detrimental to our mental health and self esteem if overly used. Furthermore, this also leads to technology being a distraction. I think some of the main distractions for the 21st century dweller would most likely be their phone, tablet, computer, or television. However, on the other hand, is how helpful technology can be—from nifty bible apps, productivity apps, the convenience of texting, etc.

I think everyone knows the struggle of trying to resist the temptation to watch another episode of one’s favorite show or resisting to text back a best friend or a new love interest. Sometimes these distractions get out of hand and it seems like people cant resist because they rely on them to bring them happiness. We can avoid all the negative aspects of technology by simply taking a step back and asking ourselves if this technology or distraction is going to better ourselves or someone else and how so. Furthermore, I loved one of the questions in the article, which stated to ask the technology we are using, “What are you doing to my heart?”

Here, you can find my notes from the article because it is pretty lengthy. So feel free to either read it verbatim or just glance over some of the main points/ notes I got from it here:

  • Technology” is basically anything that is created by human beings to help us reach beyond what we would be able to do without it – whether that’s just doing an old thing more efficiently, or whether it’s doing something that was entirely impossible before. Technology is all around us, and it’s so deeply woven into the very fabric of our lives that we barely even notice it’s there. That’s precisely why it’s so important that we do take time out to consider it from a Christian perspective – because the technology we use always changes us.
  • The creation order is turned upside down, the things we created to help us master the creation now try to master us.
  • technology by itself is what we might call “amoral” – that is, it is neither overwhelmingly good nor inherently evil. Like lots of things in this world it’s something with great power for good but which is also deeply affected by the fall. What’s important is how we use that technology – what we use it to do, and what we allow it to do to us.
  • Technology is neither overwhelmingly good nor inherently evil – it’s how we USE it that counts.
  • technology can also very easily become an idol in our lives.
  • It can be that the technology is an idol in itself (the latest iDols from Apple, perhaps?) or they can enable other idols, such as my pride, as I project an image of living the most remarkable life imaginable on Facebook, or lust, in the form of Internet pornography and so on.
  • My goal here is to encourage us all just to be a little more thinking in our attitude to technology – not to reject it outright, nor to embrace it unquestioningly. Instead, to try to see beyond the superficial and to think a bit more about how it affects us, and why we feel about it the way we do.

Technology changes how we think

  • Because of the television, we’ve become a very visual culture
  • It’s really important to recognize that our technology has the power to radically alter how we perceive and think about the world around us.

Technology means we’ve redefined truth

Obviously there’s loads more we could say on that topic – plenty of further examples of ways in which our technology changes how we think. But in summary: be on your guard! Don’t engage with technology unthinkingly and expect to come away unchanged.

  • distraction. Our technology these days increasingly leads to distraction. If we allow it to, our technology can really begin to own us, with all of the beeps and buzzes and notifications that constantly vie for our attention and drag us away from the real interactions with the people right in front of us.
  • As a result of all this distraction, we’re less and less able to concentrate for long periods of time, we find ourselves less and less able to do something simple like just sitting and reading a book. It can even get to the point where we find ourselves feeling quite anxious and fidgety if we have to sit with our own thoughts and nothing to distract us. It can draw us away from the people we’re face-to-face with, and be a disaster for our working productivity.
  • I think if we’re going to be serious about putting God first in our lives, we have to be pretty radical with our technology.
  • It says a lot about my own priorities if I’m more excited to know if anybody around the world has sent me a nugget of novelty in my inbox, than I am to hear from the Creator of the Universe who has some eternal truth to share with me