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Chic Fall Outfits to Stay Stylish This Season

When fall comes, it’s time to ditch the warm-weather clothes and trade them in for cooler weather-appropriate ensembles. Whether you’re just getting back into the swing of things or it’s been awhile since you dusted off your wardrobe, now’s the time to start planning how you want to look this fall and into the winter months ahead! Here are some chic fall outfits that will help you stay stylish as temperatures start dropping.

1. The Oversized Turtleneck

This season, turtleneck sweaters are a chic and convenient way to stay stylish. They’re also perfect for when you want a little more coverage from the cold because they cover your neck and chest. While turtleneck sweaters were traditionally thought of as being worn by grandpas, fashion has changed over the years and these sweaters are now seen on everyone from the runway models at Fashion Week to celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez. One thing is for sure – turtlenecks are back!

2. The Midi Dress

If you love the midi dress trend, but can’t imagine wearing one during cold weather, there are a few ways to style it during autumn without breaking a sweat. Dress your midi up with leather leggings and boots for a chic-yet-cozy look. Layer with tights or leggings and wear over your favorite sweater for extra warmth. Wear with chunky wedges for an elevated look that will keep you comfortable all day long. Or, wear it during the evening over skinny jeans and add a blazer to dress up the ensemble for date night or girls’ night out.

3. The Cropped Jeans

If you are not familiar with the cropped jean trend, it is just what it sounds like: jeans that fall at or above the ankle. The low-rise cut of these jeans creates a slimmer silhouette, which is perfect for showing off those new killer calf muscles from all that hard work on the elliptical. And don’t worry about not being able to show off your shoe collection because this style plays nice with both heels and flats alike.

4. The puffy vest

Vests are a great way to look stylish this fall season. They can be worn over a top for the office or paired with your favorite jeans and boots for casual wear. Puffy vests can also be worn as an outer layer, adding warmth to any outfit.

5. The Knee-High Boots

The iconic knee-high boots are a wardrobe staple for fall. They’re perfect for transitioning from summer to winter, and they always manage to make an outfit feel chic and polished. Once the cold weather rolls in, there’s nothing like slipping on a pair of knee-high boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Here are some tips on how to style your knee-high boots this fall:

1 – Pair them with skinny jeans or leggings. #2 – Match them with a belted sweater dress or skirt if you’re wearing them out at night. #3 – Layer them over tights with a pair of flats or oxfords if it’s chilly outside.

Which one of these stylish fall outfits will you wear this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

Effortlessly Chic Work Attire for Women

Working at an office can have it’s pros and cons. People typically tend to talk negatively about office jobs, but they can actually be quite intriguing, depending on your personality type. In office jobs you can often meet a diverse group of people and create great friends or develope fun working relationships with coworkers because of the close proximity and every-day banter common at these kinds of jobs. However often times, people who are not fond of dressing up to sit at a computer, often complain about such aspects – while others get excited about finding another business casual outfit to feel like a boss babe at work. No? Just Me? Cool Cool. Anyways if that happens to also be you, here are some of the currently trending business casual office outfits that might inspire you on your next shopping spree and/or give you some extra motivation for your current or next office job!

1. A Blazer with a Pantsuit

A blazer with a pantsuit is such a sophisticated look. This type of outfit is great for any and all professional-type jobs such as attorney, state worker, clerk, administrative assistant, etc. You are sure to be taken seriously and professionally when wearing an outfit such as this one. It is a great combo, especially if it is a matching set such as the one above from Shein. If you have an office job, a blazer pantsuit combo is definitely a wardrobe essential!

2. Pencil Skirt Outfit

A pencil skirt outfit is sure to accentuate those curves. Not that it matters at work, but you know it’s always nice to feel confident on the job. What’s better than a confidence boost to boost your productivity, right? There are oh so many options with a pencil skirt. They go well with just about any type of top – blouses, collared shirts, cardigans, longsleeves, or any combination of those. A pencil skirt outfit is a great option for a work outfit – especially for professions that require professional or business – like demeanors. Just don’t forget to accompany a pencil skirt with at least semi – comfortable shoes!

3. Business – Casual Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are such a simple wardrobe piece, yet they are such an elegant statement. These are perfect for office – wear for whatever office job you have, whether it be on the computer or up and about, or showing clients new real estate. Jumpsuits, of course with the right style, definitely give off the professional vibes you need for your client to take you and your job or business seriously.

4. Button-Up Loose Longsleeves

Button up loose longsleeve shirts are a currently trending wardrobe staple. They are great for work attire, but they are also great for so many other occasions. These loose longsleeves are perfect because they let you breathe with no added extra tightness of a fitted shirt. Not to mention, they make you look effortlessly chic and/or proffesional!

5. White Pants

There are endless options for a white pants outfit. There is something about the color white that makes the pants much more elevated than just regular blue jeans. Fitted or loose white pants are a wonderful option for virtually any office job (unfortunately not retail – as most retail require dark pants). Nonetheless, white pants are a must have, especially if you want variety for you new or current office job!

Which of these chic work outfits are your favorite? Are there any others you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

The Top 5 Airport Fashion Outfits to Up Your Style Game

Whether you’re traveling for fun or for business, we all know the dreaded airport can be. For most of us, it means long lines and plenty of waiting. It also means making sure we look our best in (sometimes) uncomfortable environments where there’s not a ton of privacy. In short, it’s a perfect place to try out new airport fashion trends. But finding the right pieces doesn’t have to be difficult—and they don’t need to break the bank either! Below are some stylish options for the airport and traveling that will make your trips that much more comfortable. Traveling with long layovers at airports can be fun, but also exhausting. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, it’s essential to be comfortable while maintaining your fashion sense and style. Here are the top five airport fashion outfits that will help you to look good and feel great during your travel time.

1. Casual but polished

You’ll have many opportunities to flash your fashion sense on a flight or at an airport, but you’ll want outfits that are casual and polished. For example, a bright-colored dress or pantsuit is great for arriving at an airport in style, while jeans and a shirt will do just fine for your flight. A blazer and some jewelry can be key details that make an outfit stand out. It might seem strange, but those little details often give other travelers something new to notice about you when they look at you; it’s fun for them (and for you) when someone notices that cool brooch!

2. Basic black

There is a reason that black is an iconic fashion color. It is timeless and can work for any occasion. You may have even heard that black clothing absorbs light and therefore doesn’t make you look heavier. While that might be a little bit of a stretch, wearing basic black (or anything in black) can make you feel slimmer—which will always make you look better, especially at a time when your appearance could be under extra scrutiny (like at an airport).

3. Bright colours

Bright colors are always a safe bet for the airport. From scarves and sweaters to shoes and bags, you can’t go wrong with fun shades. For example, a bold yellow scarf will make any outfit pop at the airport (and not just because it’s the color of stoplights). It also goes without saying that anything in red is going to get your attention—whether it’s red pants or a bright-red shirt. Red adds some spice and pizzazz that would otherwise be missing from your outfits. Bright colors are big at the airport and even bigger when jetting off on vacation; experiment with different options and see which ones work best for you!

4. Seasonal wear (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall looks)

It’s true that airport fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. And, it’s okay if you don’t want to worry about what you wear when traveling. But if you do want some travel outfit inspiration, consider picking up a few pieces in seasonal colors for the different seasons. For example, my favorite airport outfits include a cute light sweater and white jeans for the winter months and a cool summer dress with flats for the spring and summer seasons. It’s more fashionable to travel with seasonal clothes because it adds variety to your clothing options (you never know what the weather will be like at your destination). It also allows you get away with wearing less clothing because of the season as well.

6. Cute Luggage

Since airport fashion is about being stylish, but also about functionality, it’s important to have an outfit that makes you feel and look good. Different luggage and bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be carry-on only while others can hold a great deal of items and accessories. But whether you choose a small crossbody purse or a large piece of luggage is entirely up to you. For some, having several smaller bags gives them more storage options during travel, while others prefer fewer bags so they don’t overstuff their luggage with items they won’t use once they arrive at their destination. The best part about choosing your style is that there are no wrong answers!

Which of these airport outfits are your favorite? Do you have a go-to or do you just wear whatever? Let us know in the comments below!

12 Outfits That Go With Sneakers

Let’s face it, you can’t always sacrifice pain for beauty  – which is often required from the latest trendy shoes. Sometimes you may want to just wear your comfortable old (or new) sneakers, which is totally fine! These sneakers outfits will keep you looking fashionable without the inconvenience of uncomfortable shoes!

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