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The Disinformation Governance Board – What Really Happened?

As much as people and governments strive to have a clear guide and advisory to disinformation in today’s day and age of over-consumption of information, it is no surprise that this is inevitable to fail. The supposed Disinformation Governance Board itself became victim to the misinformation of today’s world. To be a leader of a Disinformation Board would lend itself to needing to have a neutrally non-political leader – which is also very difficult to have in a government position. Let’s take a look at the history of the Disinformation Governance Board, where it stands today, and a prediction of its progression in the future.

Former Board Director of The Disinformation Governance Board, Chris Krebs

The Disinformation Governance Board is a sector of the United States Department of Homeland Security. The purpose of this board is to protect national security by creating guidance to Homeland security agencies on how to combat worldly disinformation or false and exaggerated information. The idea to create this board originally started in 2020 under former president Donald Trump, in an effort to initiate election security in the 2020 election. However former president Trump fired the board director, Chris Krebs, since he did not agree with Trump’s statements regarding election fraud. The  Board later started back up again in 2021, when the Department of Homeland Security decided a group needed to be created to “review questions of privacy and civil liberty for online content”. However This Board wasn’t officially a Board until only created earlier this year on April 27,2022, only to be put on pause on May 18, 2022.  Head of DGB, Nina Jankowicz, also resigned because of public backlash. Her famous Disinformation Tik-Tok video has also circulated news channels, commenting on her credibility for the important role, as well as her background of supporting democratic ideologies.

So what can we expect from The Disinformation Governance Board in the future? Well the board’s lack of credible information and leaders has made it an “instant target for criticism.” Even Senator Mitt Romney said it was a “terrible idea.” Furthermore, the Board was even compared to a fictional department in a dystopia similar to the “The Ministry of Truth” in a fictional book written by George Orwell. In other words, the idea of this board being successful seems unreachable or inevitable to fail to many.

Another source from progressive and civil libertarian voices; Benjamin Hart, writing in New York Magazine’s Intelligencer, said that

“presenting anyone from the government as an arbiter of truth in 2022 — much less defining ‘disinformation’ in a way that more than 40 percent of the population would agree with — seemed doomed from the get-go.”

If that doesn’t give any indication or clue of the Board’s progression, I don’t know what else will. Only time will tell, but it seems very clear that being an arbitrator of truth in today’s day and age is no easy task. It seems like the only way people would be able to see a promising successful future for this Board is if God himself came down and became the leader of this Board.

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