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13 Hot Drink Ideas When It’s Chilly Out Bc Warmth

If there’s something about cold weather that makes you want to curl up in a warm cocoon and binge-watch your favorite show and sip on your favorite drink, we feel ya. Sometimes though you might get tired of drinking the same thing every day – whether it be a certain type of tea, cider, coffee, etc. Here are a few of our favorite hot drink ideas to add some variety to your life as well as to your taste buds!

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10 Types of Phone Cases That Are Trending

It seems that phone cases have been trending ever since smartphones were invented. It’s no wonder – they add style, durability, and convenience to our everyday lives. With the newest editions of smart phones coming out, phone cases may die out because of the durability and design instilled into the phone itself. Luckily, phone cases are still a popular accessory. They can give the specific extra protection, design, or convenience that smartphone users need and want. One of these top trending phone cases is sure to satisfy your smartphone needs!

1. Geometric Splice Cases

Umm this phone case is so cute. The minimal design of a geometric splice case is very simple and appealing to the eye, which comes off as aesthetic af. You are sure to look trendy with this simply designed case!

Get the look: bottom left, top left

2. Liquid Glitter

Liquid Glitter cases are probably more for the girly type of girls (just kidding?). I hate stereotyping – so this case is basically for anyone who loves glitter and also love being entertained easily by the smallest things (cough cough me haha). There are so many styles/types, but most of them generally have some type of glitter inside of a clear liquid case. Pretty awesome right.

Get the look: iphone coffee, samsung glitter

3. Wallet case

Oh my gosh, wallet cases are soo convenient! (you’ll never forget your wallet). They also come in so many styles and colors, which is convenient to match your personality. (There are floral, plaid, designer wallet cases and then there are plain black or brown cases). This type of phone case is one we recommend, especially if you have a ton of cards!

Get the look: samsung & iphone sweden wallet case

4. Leopard Print

This phone case looks so…classy, trendy and chic! Leopard print is a personal style choice but it is definitely trending with many accessories and clothing articles these days. A leopard print case is an easy way to spice up a neutral look!

Get the look: samsung, iphone

5. Plaid

Plaid cases are so fun. They add that extra spunk and style your day needs. Just looking at one can remind you of a warm plaid sweater or scarf. They come in many colors, but black and white can definitely go with just about anything and will always match. A plaid phone case is a nice accessory!

Get the look: plaid case

6. Matching

Everyone has to have that special someone, even if it’s a friend or a family member. If you’re the type of person who likes having matching or cutesy stuff with your significant other, then matching phone cases are for you. These come in all sorts of styles – different designs, colors, and even quotes. The one’s below coincidently all happen to have hearts. Rest assured, not all matching phone cases are this cutesy. (If you get one for your man, there are more manly ones so he doesn’t feel he’s losing testosterone).

Get the look: matching phone cases

7. Floral Cases

Umm isn’t this case just the cutest?! Floral cases may or may not be for a more girly type girl. Floral accessories in general give off a feminine vibe – so a floral case will do just that. These kinds of cases also come in all sorts of styles of flower prints and color background, but most of them are equally cute. A floral case is must have phone case for every girl who owns a smartphone!

Get the look: yellow cherry blossom case, floral galaxy case

8. Customized Case

There are so many unique ways to customize your phone case. Typically this type of phone case is perfect if you want to use your case as a way to express yourself. That can be done in many ways. Customized phone cases can be made online with your own pictures or quotes, can be specially made to have your name or initial inscribed, or you can simply print off the designs you wish and insert them into a clear case. Customized phone cases are typically more popular for the younger youth that loves to express themselves (If you’re a millenial, you might have done a similar thing with your binder in middle and highschool…those were the days!)

Get the look: custom picture case, monogram case

9. Marble Case

Man, marble cases look so classy! This kind of case is mostly for the stylish chic look. It comes in a variety of styles that mostly vary in color and texture. You are sure to leave an impression if you have a marble phone case – they look so fancy!

Get the look: pink marble case

10. Silicone cases

Silicone cases are not only very simple and stylish, they are also convenient. The texture of these awesome cases protects your phone case from falling off a surface or slipping from your pocket. Silicone cases often come in a variety designs or colors, yet each one is just as cute and conventional!

Get the look: iphone silicone, shop variety silicone cases

Which of these phone cases will you try? Are you planning to buy one? Let us know in the comments below!

Dependence, Independence & Interdependence

I started reading a nerdy self- help book (The 7 habits of Highly Effective People) and wanted to share what I thought was a noteworthy concept we often confuse or misprioritize – dependence, independence, and interdependence. (highlighted in blue are direct words from the book) Many people think they need to isolate themselves for several years in order to find themselves or get their life together, but the reality is that we live in an interdependent world and being a part of it means we have to relate to that world every single day. Understanding how what you are impacts every interdependent interaction will help you focus your efforts sequentially, in harmony with the natural laws of growth.

  • Dependence– it has its pros and cons, but if it is an unhealthy type of dependence, our sense of worth and security would come from others’ opinions. Dependent people cannot choose to become interdependent. They don’t have the character to do it; they don’t own enough of themselves.
  • Independence– it has its pros and cons as well. Independence is more of a private victory. It is an important stepping stone, but not what we should ultimately strive for. Trying to reach interdependence without first having independence would be similar to trying to harvest a crop before planting it. In today’s culture though, it seems sooo hyped up about, mostly because independent people seem to get what they want through their own effort and are validated from within. Independence is a major achievement in and of itself, but it is not supreme. Nevertheless, the current social paradigm enthrones independence. It is the avowed goal of many individuals and social movements. Most of the self- improvement material puts independence on a pedestal, as though communication, teamwork, and cooperation were lesser values.
  • 🌟Interdependence🌟- Our ultimate goal. “Life, by nature, is highly interdependent. Interdependence is a far more mature, advanced concept. If I am physically interdependent, I am self- reliant and capable, but I also realize that you and I working together can accomplish far more than, even at my best, I could accomplish alone. If I am emotionally interdependent, I derive a great sense of worth within myself, but I also recognize the need for love, for giving, and for receiving love from others. If I am intellectually interdependent, I realize that I need the best thinking of other people to join with my own.
  • As we continue to grow and mature, we become increasingly aware that all of nature is interdependent, that there is an ecological system that governs nature, including society. We further discover that the higher reaches of our nature have to do with our relationships with others – that human life also is interdependent.

What do you think of these interpretations? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Hair Styles That Will Leave An Impression

Sometimes it can be hard to manage your hair – whether it’s long, short, straight or curly. It can even feel similar to taking care of an animal because you have to constantly groom it, tame it or watch after it. Some people were blessed with hair that looks flawless only after washing it. If you’re one of those people, consider yourself lucky because the rest of us have to put in effort just for our hair to look presentable. Here are a few easy hair styles that can make your hair not only look presentable but also to likely to leave an impression!

1. A Bun & A Bow

There are days when you might just be out of it. Those days typically involve lazy hair styles. A bun is a perfect example of a somewhat lazy hairstyle that you shouldn’t feel guilty about. Perhaps a quick 2-second messy bun could express that vibe, but when you put up your bun with some effort, some bobby pins, and a cute bow, you are sure to look presentable and even somewhat professional (depending on your accompanying outfit). Buns are hair styles that are perfect for any season but Fall in particular because that extra room creates optimal space for a cute scarf!

2. French Braids

This is one of our hair styles that may take some skill to do, but it is a skill worth learning! French braids take some technique to properly braid your hair, but most girls learn this technique from a young age. Not to mention, it is incredibly easy to learn. French braids are a versatile hair style because they can be worn as one, two or even just woven halfway into your hair. Most people will be impressed to see a french braid that is perfectly braided. This hairstyle is perfect for when your hair may seem unmanageable, untamable, or frizzy. It’s also a quick way to look cute and get your hair out of your face for many activities such as lounging around the house, going swimming, going on a hike, camping and many more.

3. Cornrows

Hair styles that involve cornrows can be on the more difficult spectrum. However, those who are skilled in braiding hair can definitely wear their hair like this. Cornrows are basically very intricately woven braids that end up looking incredibly beautiful. Like many styles, cornrows typically look better on certain head types, hair types and face shapes. A large percentage of people would look great in them, they just simply don’t have the time or skills to create them. We’re sure that cornrows are one of many hairstyles that will leave an impression! They are also often done on tropical vacations where there are hair specialists at markets willing to braid them for you!

4. Half Updo

Many girls struggle with curly, thick or frizzey hair that gets in their face. Of course, you could put it up in a bun or a braid. However, if you want to flaunt your somewhat managed hair without it constantly getting in your face, a half updo hair style is the perfect solution! There are many ways to do this which include using a hair clip, a ponytail holder or in a bun. This is ideal for thick or long hair. Typically you adjust to what you know fits your style. A half updo is one of many common hair styles that is both conventional and stylish!

5. A Side Braid

This hair style takes little to no effort – perhaps even your boyfriend or child can do it for you! A simple side braid is one of many simple hair styles that are a great alternative to doing nothing with your hair. Typically girls with straight hair love this hair style because it not only looks cute but also is an easy way to add texture or waves. Furthermore, those with more thick hair love this style because it is a way to compress hair to make it less frizzy. What an effectively cute hair style!

6. A Ponytail With A Creative Touch

Let’s face it, some days your hair does not cooperate with you and you just want it out of your face altogether. A common hair style is to put it up into a ponytail. I mean, it usually looks decent. However if you want to spice up your ponytail hair style, there are many ways to do it! (and perhaps make it look like you actually tried). Some ways to spice up that ponytail is to braid the top, braid your bangs in a creative way, add a bandana or a bow, or wrap your hair around the ponytail to cover it. Those are just a few of our suggestions, there are certainly more ways. A ponytail with a creative touch is sure to leave a lasting impression from your crush…or perhaps just the person behind you in line at the grocery store. Either way, you’ll look and feel fabulous!

6. An Elegant Bun

This type of bun is much more different than just a plain bun – it typically takes a bit more effort but produces a beautiful hairstyle. An elegant bun is a type of hair style that is often worn to fancy events such as galas, church, parties, prom or weddings. Elegant buns are typically crafted by hairstylists who have an expertise in how to intricately create the style, although it can be self-taught through youtube or elsewhere on the web. An elegant hairstyle will definitely leave a positive impression on everyone who surrounds you!

7. Long And Healthy

There are many intricate hair styles that leave an impression. On the other side of the spectrum are simple hair styles that are just as attractive. If you happen to take good care of your hair and use the right products, long hair worn down can look very beautiful and attractive. Let’s be real, not everyone can flaunt long hair because it might look damaged or otherwise flawed. However, if you can take good care of it, you should definitely try growing out and flaunting those beautiful locks!

8. Short And Simple

For some, short hair is just their go-to. It can be much lighter and easier to manage! This hairstyle typically is ideal for straight hair because it can easily be managed. However, those with more permeable hair can often also rock short hair. This is a great hair style if you’re just getting frustrated with long hair or if it happens to be damaged. A short and sweet hairstyle is a flirty hairstyle!

9. Beach Waves

You probably know, there is a fine line between having that beach waves hairstyle look or looking like a bedhead. The secret to perfect beach waves is in the way you create them. There are a few ways to create the beach waves look – you can braid your hair overnight, curl your hair and then brush it out, use a beach waves spritzer, or use an iron crimper. It typically takes a bit more effort to get this hairstyle for those who have naturally straight hair. Nonetheless, beach waves hair styles are sure to spruce up your look!

10. Bangs

To have bangs or not to have bangs? That has probably been every girl’s ultimate internal debate at one point or another. Like many hair styles, bangs require effort, care and maintenance. This hairstyle doesn’t always look good on everyone, but for some it can be the perfect fit. Whether it’s a straight bang, umbrella bang, or side bang, well-groomed bangs often add the perfect touch to your beautiful face!

Which of these hair styles will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Delish Comfort Foods When You’re Hungry AF

When someone mentions “comfort foods” I’m sure many people think of similar things; perhaps ramen, chicken noodle soup, brownies or pasta come to mind. These are all indeed some amazing comfort foods. I’m sure the list of comfort foods could go on forever depending on the person, but this short list provides some common and some unique comfort foods that are both healthy and fulfilling. A double whammy, killing two birds with one stone, or whatever else you want to call it! If that’s what you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place (or perhaps got lucky and somehow stumbled upon this article). Here are 10 comfort foods that you’ll be drooling over when that “Hungry AF” feeling kicks in!

1. Mac n’ Cheese

Okay, I know what you’re thinking- “Umm that’s too easy. I have boxed Mac n’ Cheese that’s been sitting in my pantry for a while now and it doesn’t really sound that appetizing.” Yes, dear reader many could definitely agree with you. Here’s the thing, if you’re running low on time, those boxed mac n’ cheeses will be your lifesavers. Not many people know this, but most boxed macaroni and cheese packets are filled with many micronutrients like protein, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, iron, and calcium. If that sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, the more important thing to know is that those micronutrients contribute towards just a bit more energy and boost the immune system. Who knew something so bland could be so nutritious?! However, for those that simply dread the thought of boxed mac n’ cheese, macaroni is a versatile food and there are definitely ways to make it more appetizing. For a more unique recipe, you can simply try changing the pasta type, the cheese type, and even add some cut up hotdogs or other meat of your choosing. Whether you’re making boxed mac n’ cheese or your own type, both of these are great simple comfort foods.

2. Spaghetti

In a similar category as Mac’n Cheese, Spaghetti is another great option. Many might think that it is only usually eaten for special occasions, but really it can be eaten whenever you’re hungry or simply craving spaghetti. That’s basically the function of comfort foods. It’s a pretty simple food because it’s made from flour and water, which come together to form carbs. This gives a boost to your metabolism. Other kinds of micronutrients include fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Not only does it have basic nutrition for day-to-day life, but spaghetti also gives that “Wow I’m so full I could explode” feeling when we need it! Not to mention, if you also add meatballs, it makes it oh so good! This classic recipe will for sure fill you up!

3. Spinach Dip

If you’ve never been to Applebee’s or aren’t familiar with dips, you might have no idea what spinach dip is. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s delish AF and will fill you up when you’re hungry AF! Some might put this into the category of appetizers rather than comfort foods, but it really depends on the person. Spinach dip can be eaten as an appetizer with chips before a meal, or it can be eaten with slices of bread, salads, pasta, or meat. Unless you’re super hungry, you most likely won’t eat it by itself, but just thinking about eating spinach dip with chips or bread can make your mouth water. This appetizing dip is a must-try!

4. Cheeseburger Quesadillas

When hearing the term “quesadilla,” the Mexican cuisine might come to mind, which has a plethora of comfort foods that I suggest looking up in your free time. Cheeseburger quesadillas are quite possibly one of the best comfort foods out there that not everyone is familiar with. Whether bought at a fast-food chain or made at home, they are quick to make, simple, and deliciously appetizing. This recipe is one of the simplest and a classic!

5. Croissant Sandwich

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, or at least someone annoyingly mispronouncing the french-deriving word “croissant.” Croissant sandwiches are actually not only tasty but also very nutrient-dense. Comfort foods are often thought to be bland, but croissant sandwiches are filled with yummy condiments and fillings like turkey, ham, cheese, tomatoes, and other fresh produce. There are also different kinds; breakfast, BLT, dessert, etc. This recipe, in particular, has a good chunk of fillings that will make you drool just looking at it, crave more after the first bite and feel satisfied after eating one (or two if you’re THAT hungry). It’s also a free country so feel free to substitute or add whatever you want, like bacon or your favorite sauce. Yum!

6. Pierogies (Dumplings)

Popular in the Slavic cuisine, pierogies may seem alien to those familiar with common comfort foods. This dish is versatile, in that it may be savory or sweet. It is made of unleavened dough that is typically wrapped around homemade cheese, potatoes, fruit, or basically whatever else you can think of that fits in that little pocket! That being said, the health benefits vary with what is in them, but they are definitely a nice addition to your meal. With their typical exuberance of protein and carbs, you could possibly feel full just after eating a few. They are typically eaten with sour cream for a better taste. There are a plethora of different recipes, but this one is one of the more fulfilling types. If you don’t feel like making these or buying them at a local Russian or ethnic store, hopefully one of your Russian friends will invite you over the next time they eat them. Pierogies are a must-try comfort food!

7. Zesty Avacado Pasta

Doesn’t that name just make you wanna have this dish right in front of you right now?! I guess it depends on what your tastes and preferences are, but this recipe is one of many flavorful pasta combinations that will have your stomach asking for more. Pasta is probably one of the more common types of comfort foods, but it is also very versatile. There are many things you can add to pasta to make it “your own,” even the pasta shape, so that is totally up to you. This recipe in particular though is a pasta dish that is so delicious you’ll be asking for seconds. With its fillings of zucchini, avocado, and other healthy addons, you’ll not only feel full but also have a nutritious boost. Who doesn’t love food that makes them feel good?!

8. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You could think of this as the American version of cheeseburger quesadillas, but this one definitely has to go in the category of comfort foods. The texture of warm toast and melted cheese combined with the fulfilling meat of your choice will leave both your stomach and taste buds feeling satisfied. A grilled cheese sandwich is such a simple comfort food that is often forgotten. Once again, another versatile food that can be changed based on your preference for bread, meat, cheese, etc. Here is a tasty tuna grilled cheese sandwich recipe in case your imagination is running low today. A grilled cheese sandwich will never disappoint!

9. Biscuits And Gravy

This is a must-have when looking for comfort foods. When someone mentions “biscuits and gravy,” you might imagine eating this on a Saturday morning when spending the weekend at your grandparents’ house. That’s why this kind of meal fits perfectly in comfort foods-it truly gives you that homey family feeling (ya know, that same feeling you get at Thanksgiving and Christmas time). Just thinking about those buttery flaky biscuits with savory gravy and sausage can make your mouth water. The name speaks for itself so usually, recipes are not necessary. If this is your first time making homemade biscuits however, here is a simple delicious recipe you could try. Of all comfort foods in this list, this one will probably make you want to unwind and take a blissful nap after, or perhaps take a break from life and watch a few episodes of your favorite show!

10. Borscht

Last but definitely not least on our list of comfort foods is Borscht. You might be wondering what the heck this is. Borscht is a popular Ukrainian dish with a beet soup base. This dish is more intermediate or advanced in terms of difficulty but it is oh so worth it! This beet soup contains hearty flavors of potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beef, and other flavorful add-ons. If you have an inner-cook with a burning desire to try something new, this is an impressive and delicious dish to try out or make for the family. Here is a classic borscht recipe if you’re up for it. Though it might not be common, Borscht is without a doubt one of the best comfort foods!

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Surrendering to Vocation

I truly related this blog post,because it stated the obvious—sometimes our careers are not our vocations, they are just a necessary obligation to uphold finances in our life. Here are a few quotes from the blog that relate to what I’m trying to say, because sometimes other people are able to say things in a more coherent, clear and elegant way.

On careers

This is part of life and while it’s not much fun, if you want to eat and provide for your family, it can be necessary. But with vocation, you don’t have to do all the hard work. With vocation, God is involved in the search and there are so many needs out there, doors will start to open that give you clues about where to go and what to be.”

Although, if you’re lucky enough, your vocation and your career CAN match up! (sadly, they often don’t for everybody)

On finding your vocation

“Give yourself a lot of exposure to works like the legend of St. George and the Dragon, or the Chronicles of Narnia, or the Lord of the Rings … stories and myths that became epics by inspiring courage to try great things that are way over your heads. That’s when you see the greatness of God and the greatness he’s put in you that you might never have suspected was there. These stories show us something about taking the way that is not always comfortable and enduring hardship for the sake of something greater than our own pleasure. They tell us that the battle-scars of love and sacrifice are not a burden, they are an adventure. And the really great tales aren’t just about the biggest, toughest conquerors. They are about children and hobbits and anti-heroes who are scared spitless but do what they have to do for a greater good. These stories also include the importance of selflessly doing the hard things that are boring and frustrating and tiring to get to whatever prize God has in mind.”

More than anyone else in the world, you’ve been able to watch the supernatural love and courage of your mom. If you want to become like anyone in this world, become like her. You didn’t get to see what an Amazon she was pushing each of you 11-pound guys into the world through sweat, blood, agony and shrieking …But you have seen how hard it was for her to suck it up, work hard and take on leading . I know you appreciate it and you love her, but also, remember that you carry her physical and spiritual DNA … there is something of her in each of you. Don’t squander that great and precious gift on what the world tells you that you need to do or be. Give that gift back to God.

I think this idea applies to many people’s lives. On the one hand, you might truly enjoy learning new things and new perspectives. However on the other hand, maybe you don’t have a specific career path. However one’s career path can help them with their vocational path in many ways.  That can be the magic in it sometimes—a career may not necessarily get you to the top or guarantee you amazing wages, yet if it can help a person discover their vocation, that might be what is truly more important. I’m telling you, it’s all about the journey.

At the end of the day, vocation will boil down to surrendering to what God (the Universe) has for you, because it’s far better than anything we’ll dream up for ourselves.