To Explore Angel numbers, one must first know what Numerology is. Many people today are unaware of what Numerology is. Some don’t even know what it means and presume it is just the study of numbers in a mathematical sense. Well of course that is true to some degree. However Numerology is deeper than just superficial numbers – It is the intrinsic nature of the way numbers relate to our world and can represent a genuine deeper meaning through a synchronistic event or feeling. Everything that the world and universe consists of also consists of numbers. Numbers rule the Universe. Exploring the history of numbers shows one the distinct ways numbers have and create deeper meaning to reveal a synchronicity or matrix-type knowledge to a person.

According to Numerologists, numerical patterns infiltrate everything in our world and nothing happens by accident; everything happens because of numbers. Each number contains a specific vibration that it emits. In fact, even the alphabet is a man-made communication tool originally derived from numbers. Thus the vibrations and feelings we express are the roots of the alphabet which originate from numbers. Beyond this, numerology is used and expressed to this day in many modern ways as well.

Numerology of “Angel Numbers

The topic of Angel Numbers is popular today in many media outlets. Whether it is an article on how certain repeating numbers symbolize a new path in life, or a Youtube or Tiktok video on how your angels are trying to speak to you through numbers, there’s no denying that it is a popular topic of interest to many today. But what do Angel numbers ACTUALLY mean? Are they just coincidences that we assert our own meaning and projections onto? Or is there a genuine cause for these repeating numbers in some ones’ life? The answer is not black and white, but there are a few theories that can explain the anomaly.

a. The presence and noticing of Angel Numbers means you are “in alignment.” When you start seeing synchronies of numbers, it is highly likely that your inner path and physical path are aligned; noticing the numbers is just a confirmation of that. Behind the scenes of the 3-D, we cannot see this “spiritual path” we are on, so sometimes numbers act as the evidence that the merging of the spiritual path and physical path is happening. When this happens, often strange things happen such as first noticing the synchronicities of numbers that also exist and transcend beyond our 3-D world.

b. Numbers are the root for vibrations, so when someone starts to notice a specific repeating number, it could be the physical world projecting back to them the vibrations and feelings of their inner world. There is a theory that the universe is like a boomerang – it always gives you what you put out, including your vibrations and feelings. Thus Angel Numbers could simply just be a confirmation of one’s own inner world thoughts, feelings, and vibrations. However there are several interpretations of what each specific digit 1-9 means, though they often have similar meanings since each number has a specific vibration. Below is an example of what each number can mean when seen or noticed repeatedly.

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