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Girls Just Wanna Have Funds – The Way we were Designed.

*que Girls Just Wanna Have Fun song and a hype dance*. Kidding. Well anyways girls always wanna have fun. But you know what else we want? Funds. Yes, I said it. Let’s not pretend like we don’t. It’s not greedy to want resources for freedom, right? So it makes me wonder why there is such a bad stigma to females craving creating money. It’s not even about having money, but more so about having unlimited choices and freedom. There is really nothing wrong with that. The funny thing is, the more we chase just the money, the less funds we have. Ironic isnt? Let me explain in a few points.

  1. Chasing Money Puts You in a Lack Mindset

When we are after solely the money, we get stuck in a trap. Essentially, a survival mode trap. We might think, okay as long as I have a decent job (which society tries to praise so you ARE in a lack mindset and and can be industry standard) , even if I don’t enjoy it that much, the money it gives me will let me enjoy the other parts of my day. I mean, yes, there is some truth to that. It might depend on the lifestyle you seek and if you’re okay with giving away 8 hours of your day for that trade off. However, not everyone is okay with that. And sometimes when we do that – chase the money – instead of the freedoms money can bring to you, it can end up having you stuck in a rat race for the sole purpose of getting money. However if you enjoy your job, that’s a totally different story. There are, in fact, some very rewarding careers out there that also pay amazing. But for this, I’m talking about those jobs that are just very monotonous and just feel like they suck they life out of you. I think we’ve all experienced one of those. Staying in a toxic work environment just for the money will ironically put you more in a lack mindset. Never forget that.

2. Women weren’t designed for the typical 9-5.

I find it funny that it’s usually females because we just don’t operate like that. The typical 9-5 job is designed for the masculine-oriented world. It doesn’t fit or work for many women. And that’s okay because we actually were never designed to be productive or thrive in a 9-5. Unless we’ve done the training to be accustomed to the industry standard job. However, the rhythm of the feminine soul craves to unfold tasks on her own pace and rhythm, not on artificial timelines and linear ways imposed on her by the masculine-oriented world.

3. Women Should Not have to compromise Themselves

In the realm of our modern world, there’s a lot of externalized pressure to do things quickly. To see out lives as a series of things that we need to “achieve.” By living through this lens, we’re relentlessly taught to compromise the feminine soul. Femininity is often perceived as weak- yet there is a deep strength in organic femininity. Because it requires a woman to stay devoted to her natural rhythms, her true unfolding, her God-infused path, rather than affixing herself to the expectations of the external world.

To align with this path, a woman can’t force the world to change. Instead, for a woman to nurture her feminine core, she needs to be okay with things not looking like what others expect of her. She needs to value her internal processes and inner unfurling, more than she values the validation, recognition or response of the external world. A way of being that values the truth, naturalness and relationship of life, over the artificial, self-seeking expectations that we’ve been taught to strive towards.

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