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The Holy Grail Product that Mandy Moore Uses

Mandy Moore is a popular actress, most often known for her role in A Walk To Remember, along with other films. Anyone who’s seen her perform can’t help but notice her youthful looks.

Sure, perhaps her ageless look was just her natural beauty back in the day. However, time catches up to everyone, and now that Moore is nearly 38 years of age, one can’t help but wonder how she keeps her youthful look almost 19 years after airing a Walk To Remember. Mandy Moore’s beauty secrets are revered because of her looks and her esteemed demeanor. We noticed a product she uses in a quarantine Instagram post. (not creepy, just observant 😉 )

You might be wondering what post and what product we noticed. Well, that’s as simple as looking at Moore’s ig page. Her Instagram post was a video where she shows her favorite beauty and makeup routines during our most favorite year of 2020. It actually features all the products she uses. The one that we are focusing on today is her caffeine-infused eye balm because it is not commonly known. Wait so caffeine has more purposes than indulging to get through the day? Yup! That’s how awesome caffeine is – it has a plethora of uses! Okay so what is this caffeinated eye balm we speak of? If you didn’t already catch the name in Moore’s post, it’s called TULA skincare Glow & Get it Balm. Supposedly this product is a must have for the secret to making you look like you got a full uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep. If you haven’t already read about it on their website, it is a brightening eye balm that contains a hydraulic acid that hydrates and cools the skin around the eyes. This product has over 3k reviews that are raving about how great this product is. It is a definitely a great facial product that will help both you and your skin feel rejuvenated and refreshed!

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