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Top Trending & Mouth-Watering Recipes on Google Right Now

Top Trending Recipes On Google

If you’re human, you’ve most likely ran out of ideas or got tired of the same old dinner recipes, Doordash orders, or take-out you always get. We get it, life gets busy and you can’t always make a variety of gourmet meals on the daily. However if you ever get a chance to decide to spice up your dinner plans with something different, maybe check out this list of trending recipes on google right now. Just glancing over it made our mouths water.

1. Deviled Eggs

The classic Deviled Egg recipe has been one of the top trending recipes on google right now. Why you might ask? I mean just look at the picture – it not only looks deliciously appetizing and classy, it also tastes amazing and has a great amount of nutritional value. Deviled Eggs are a chic and easy appetizer that will no doubt impress and satisfy any guests. This is a fairly easy recipe, taking about 35-45 minutes to prepare and yields approximately four servings. There are a plethora of deviled egg recipes on the web. This recipe by Mary Nolan featured on The Food Network has an average 4.5 rating and is easy follow along with, whether through video or recipe. The New York Times Cooking also features a simple Deviled Egg recipe for beginners. Whichever recipe used, this classic dish will surely be a spectacular addition to the table.

2. Minestrone Soup

The Minestrone Soup recipe has been trending because of it’s hearty Italian flavors. This soup has a tomato and broth base with additional additions such as pasta, rice and vegetables. It is also a wonderful recipe choice because it is easy on the wallet, is a great lunch entrée, and still tastes just as good, if not better, as a leftover the next day. We even guarantee that your homemade soup will be better than store-bought! Here is a classic minestrone soup recipe that can be followed along to, as well as this recipe that is more of a textbook recipe but just as hearty and delicious!

3. Crab Rangoon

What in the world is a crab Rangoon? Whether you are familiar with this food, only have tried it in restaurants, or have never heard of it, this simple Crab Rangoon dish can be made by anyone. A crab Rangoon is a fancy way to say a crab and cream cheese filled wonton. There are a plethora of recipes for this dish on the web so it is easily accessible. has a Crab Rangoon recipe that has a rating of 4.8 from nearly 200 ratings and is quite easy to follow. Furthermore, not only has the recipe, but also gives great directions on how to properly fold a wonton and a variety of ideas for wonton filings. Whatever version you make, we’re sure that this appetizer will satisfy you and/or your guests.

4. Chicken Piccata

If you know your way in the kitchen, then you’ve probably heard of Chicken Piccata, or perhaps have made it without knowing the technical name. A chicken piccata is simply a pan fried chicken with a piccata sauce base. The amazing thing about this dish is that although it looks or sounds complicated, it is only composed of a few simple ingredients. Those ingredients include chicken, seasonings, flour, oil and butter, lemons, and cream. Pretty simple right? has an easy to follow recipe for a chicken piccata, while The Food Network also has a similarly tasting recipe, with over 2k five star reviews. Talk about trending!

5. Baked Ziti

Many have not heard of this dish but many kitchen connoisseurs have most likely made it without knowing. This dish looks very similar to a lasagna dish but its components are a bit different. This is an elevated pasta dish that is oh so perfect for dinner or potlucks. This recipe is fairly easy to make, takes about 1 to 2 hours to make, and yields about twelve servings. The Food Network features an easy to follow recipe or video. We are sure that this dish will satisfy you and your friends and family!

6. Potato Soup

Mmmm potato soup. Doesn’t that just sound like the perfect rainy day dish? Whether rain or shine, potato soup is a wonderful dish for a warm and comforting food desire. If you’re making potato soup, the savory filling will outweigh the calories. Although this is a calorie filled food, it is also a nutrient dense dish. There are a variety of different recipes of potato soup but they all primarily include similar ingredients: Potatoes, cream, cheese, bacon, and seasonings and veggies of choice. has an excellent creamy potato soup instructional article, with almost 2k five star reviews. Furthermore, has more of a textbook approach to the dish. Whichever recipe you choose, we guarantee you will fall in love with it.

7. Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy? Yes you heard that right. A hot toddy might sound like an innocent beverage but it does have some devilish ingredients. (figuratively). Despite it’s ingredients it is still a great drink for both the saint and the sinner. The hot toddy is a classic cocktail that is made up of hot water, honey, lemon, and…whiskey. Yep, there’s the catch, it is an alcoholic beverage. This is the perfect drink to end the night of a busy or stressful day! You can find a classic Hot Toddy recipe at This drink is also great for (adult) family get-togethers or holiday parties.

8. Green Bean Casserole

The Green Bean Casserole Dish just makes you think of the holidays, doesn’t it? This comfort food is a popular food item during thanksgiving or the holidays. There are a plethora of recipes or styles of this dish, but most of them are primarily composed of a few simple ingredients: cut green beans, french fried onions, soy sauce, milk, and seasonings of choice. Both Cambell’s and Green Giant even has a featured recipe of this classic dish on both their website. This dish takes about 30-45 minutes and is sure to quench your comfort food desires!

Which one of these recipes have you tried? Are there any others that you know of that are similar? Let us know in the comments below!

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