10 Ways To Spice Up Your Going Out Outfit

Sometimes being young can be hard because you overthink everything- what you say, what you do and especially for females, what you wear. When someone mentions “going out,”  you might have a mini panic attack because you’re not sure how to look nonchalantly chic and presentable (whether it’s for a person, the public, or just in case pictures are taken). We know looking good is important. Here are some of our best suggestions to help you add some zest to your going out outfits!

1. Layer Up With A Vest

No matter what the weather may be outside, vests are so cute and so versatile! They can be worn over almost anything– shirts, plaids, long sleeves, sweaters or tanktops. They also add a layer to outfits that may seem bland, especially ideal for a photoshoot. They can come in many different styles that vary mostly depending on the texture. A vest is a convenient and great way to liven up your next going out outfit!

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2. Pep Up with a Rattan Bag

Do you remember seeing someone on the street or in a picture with one of those brown woven bags? Well, they actually have quite a few names, one of which is Rattan Bag. These are perfect for a spring or summer going out outfit. Many of them are made in unique places like in the Philippines, Vietnam, Bali or another exotic place (which makes them even more cool, right?!). A Rattan bag is not only cute but also an efficiently stylish way to bring along your essentials. It is such an easy way to pep up your next going out outfit!

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3. Throw On A Good Ol’ Jean Jacket

It seems like jean jackets are an article of clothing from the past, but you know what they say- fashion repeats itself. Jean jackets are such an effortless way to spice up a going out outfit. They are ideal for when the weather is more chilly but are also breathable in moderately warm weather. Jean jackets are so groovy. You are sure to look nonchalantly fashionable when adding this article to your next going out outfit!

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4. An Infiniti Scarf

Infiniti scarves are so common nowadays, which only means they are totally trendy AF. They are typically worn in chilly seasons- Fall, Winter and maybe Spring. Infiniti scarves are also picture perfect for photoshoots because they add layer and dimension. Even more so, they are usually super soft. We know beauty is pain, but scarves definitely won’t cause you any pain, just cozy comfortable fashion!

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5. A Bandana

In a similar category as scarves, bandanas are also another great accessory to jazz up your going out outfit. Bandanas are also so versatile – they come in different colors, sizes, textures, and patterns. Furthermore, they can be worn in so many different ways! (on your neck, in your hair, as a headband, around your jeans, etc) If you wear a bandana with your next outfit, you are sure to make a fashion statement!

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6. Red Lipstick

Sometimes if you wear lipstick, people might question your motives. Someone might ask you, who are you trying to impress? Well we’re here to tell you that you absolutely don’t need a reason to wear lipstick and it doesn’t always mean you’re trying to impress a boy! Who cares what people think, if lipstick fits your style, wear it with pride! Red lipstick, in particular, is perfect with more neutral or all-black outfits. It is such a simple way to spice up your going out look.

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7. Throw On a Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are so great, especially if you’re having a bad hair day! More than that, baseball caps also make you look so trendy. Wearing your favorite college baseball cap that you’ve had for a few years is also a convenient way to both look decent in hot weather as well as keep the sun out of your face. Also, plain black caps specifically tend to give off a more sleek vibe and often match with almost every outfit. A baseball cap is sure to give a bit of zing to your next going out outfit!

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8. A Nice Watch

With all this fancy technology at our fingertips, you might be thinking – “Why should I wear a watch? I can just check the time on my phone whenever I want!” That’s actually very true. Although watches can be used for the convenience of knowing the time, they are also often worn nowadays because of their classy look. As the saying goes, you’ll look classy, sassy and a bit bad assy. To be frank though, they actually are very fashionable – whether it’s a smartwatch, a modern watch, or a vintage watch. Wearing a nice watch is a great way to ginger up your next going out outfit!

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9. A Pair of Glasses

Glasses used to be only worn for their functionality – that is, to help with eyesight. However now glasses are more than that. They’re not just a prescription, they’re a fashion statement! They are also very versatile because there are so many different types and styles. There’s a variety of different sunglasses, prescription glasses, and even just plain fashion glasses. Whether you have to wear them or choose to wear them, wearing glasses is a nice way to look more fashionable. Not to mention, you’ll also come off as intelligent (or at least look like you are;).

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10. A Beanie

Beanies are so awesome – they are trendy AF and so warm when it’s chilly out! For those who don’t know, a beanie is a type of hat that is often knit in a way where it can be worn tightly or loosely to fit your style (or your head). They also make you look very stylish in pictures. When you’re going out and it is cold or chilly, try putting on a beanie to spice up your next going out outfit – you won’t regret it!

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Which of these suggestions will you try to spice up your next going out outfit? Let us know in the comments below!

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