12 Lotions That Will Leave Your Skin Smooth AF

12 Lotions That Will Leave Your Skin Smooth AF

Moisturized skin is incredibly important, no matter what the weather may be for the day. Your skin is like a mask that reflects your age, your health, and your daily routine. The daily routine which has one of the biggest impacts on your skin is the type of lotion applied. With all the advertising techniques and consumerism these days, it can be hard to distinguish which lotions are actually beneficial to your skin and which lotions are just scented chemicals in a bottle making money off of deceptive advertising. There is good news though, there are still lotions that use natural ingredients that have incredible moisturizing benefits for your skin! Check out this diverse variety of top lotions that are ranked highest in sincerely providing moisture, elasticity, healing agents, soothing effects or simply a heavenly scent!

1. Nivea Intense Healing Body Lotion

Previously named Extended Moisture, this lotion is one of the most bought on Amazon because of its ability to provide long-lasting relief of dry and tight skin. The main ingredient that helps in this process pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol). The unique function of this vitamin preserves the skin barrier by keeping moisture beneath the surface of the skin. This contributes to less water being lost through the surface, resulting in softer skin. Pro-vitamin B5 also acts similarly when there are wounds on the skin, protecting the skin from irritation. After a short review of customer reviews of this product, many stated that the consistency is smooth & creamy, noticeably extended moisture, incredibly improved skin after just a few weeks of daily use and that it left skin feeling soft several hours after use. The use of vitamin B5 in this lotion is sure to help your skin feeling smooth!

2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Daily

There are so many lotion companies that use cocoa butter as a base for lotion. Who can blame them? Cocoa butter does wonders for the skin! Palmer’s, in particular, primarily uses cocoa butter and vitamin E. Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer, while vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps with stretch marks and scars.  It also has a good rep because of its sincere use of plant-based ingredients. These natural ingredients appear within the first line of the ingredient list, which includes water, cocoa extract, coconut oil, mineral oil, seed butter, palm oil, and sunflower oil. When writing reviews, customers said that Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Daily has a sweet smell of chocolate, it is great for sensitive skin, and helped with scarring after three weeks of daily use. This lotion is sure to moisturize your skin and give you a sweet hint of chocolate scent!

3. Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion

The main ingredient in this lotion is Macadamia! To be more specific, Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is made of several natural ingredients. These include macadamia seed oil (makes it absorb quickly), omega 7 (provides a soothing effect), Alpha Tocopherol (a natural antioxidant), squalene (aids in healing), and Phytosterols (helps reduce itchiness). Customer reviews for this product were phenomenal, with positive comments all around. Some of the comments included stated that their skin texture substantially improved, it did wonders, instantly helped with dryness, skin felt fully hydrated, and that it is a great lotion for someone who washes their hands often. Overall, this lotion has the perfect combination of ingredients to help soothe dry skin!

4. Jergens Sweet Citrus Body Butter Moisturizer

Jergens Sweet Citrus lotion is sure to remind you of the tropics! This lotion’s main soothing components include a blend of mango, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Shea butter is an incredible moisturizer. It is a fat that’s been extracted from shea nut trees, which has high concentrations of vitamins and fatty acids, aiding in softening skin.  This lotion is like a mimosa- the smell of citrus essential oils will have you wanting more! Customers of this lotion say that the smell is not too overpowering, it absorbs quickly, has a thick and creamy consistency, and it makes your skin feel soft. If you love smooth skin and tropical scents, you’ll love this lotion!

5. Vaseline Aloe Soothe Lotion

As many know, aloe is an amazing key ingredient in healing skin after sun exposure. However, this lotion can also be used for other skin imperfections or simply for day-to-day use. Aloe vera is a great healing agent  because it is made up of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamin A and vitamin C which keep your skin cells hydrated. The soothing affect of aloe calms and soothes dry or irritated skin. A few reviews said that there is a noticeable scent, it absorbs quickly, a go-to, doesn’t feel oily, great for sensitive skin, and skin was left feeling silky smooth.  After using a lotion that has pure aloe extract, your skin is sure to feel smooth and refreshed!

6. Nubian Heritage Body Lotion

This lotion in particular has goat milk and chai (tea) as the main softening agents. Goat milk, the foundation of this body lotion, is composed of proteins, calcium, copper, vitamin A, B6, B12, and E. The lactic acids also help in softening and soothing the skin. Furthermore, this lotion also contains the popular ingredients of shea and cocoa butter. Reviews of this lotion stated that it absorbs instantly, not oily or greasy, the scent is wonderfully delicious and not too overwhelming. This unique blend of ingredients is sure to soften your skin!

7. Basd Body Lotion With Invigorating Mint

This plant-based lotion contains the basic smoothing agents of organic virgin coconut oil and shea butter. It has a minty scent with a hint of caffeine. Caffeine has many antioxidants and ant-inflammatory components, which helps with skin imperfects like acne, puffiness, stretch marks, cellulite and scarring. Customers in their reviews have marveled that it is a great quality product, loved the smell and softness, skin was left feeling incredibly soft, hooked and can’t live without it, used it for massage clients, and that it has a refreshing smell. Wow! With reviews like that, this lotion is a must-try for smoother skin!

8. Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint

This is a creamy, fast absorbing lotion which uses shea butter and vitamin E to lock in moisture. Of all lotions, this one is amazing for invigorating your body, mind and mood. With it’s eucalyptus spearmint scent, it not only moisturizes but also helps you relax, unwind and releive stress. Exposing your senses to strong scents, such as ecucalyptus spearmint, positively affects hormone productions, brain chemistry, and stress levels.  Loyal customers state that they love the calming aroma smell, it is great for rubbing feet, and a lifetime favorite. This lotion is perfect for soothing your skin and your mind after a stressful day!

9. Honest Co. Face & Body Lotion

Like many lotions, Honest’s face and body lotion uses oils such as olive and shea oil. Furthermore, thisone also uses Jojoba oils which help nourish and moisturize. This company uses natural ingredients such as chamomile, calendula or aloe to help calm and soothe. This one in particular  is very simple because it is made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances (fragrance-free), which is perfect for sensitive skin! The top active natural ingredients include water, safflower seed oil, castor oil, aloe leaf juice, shea butter, calendula extract, coconut extract, jojoba esters, soybean oil, and pro-vitamin B5. With such an extensive list of natural ingredients, you can use this lotion with peace of mind knowing it is incredibly healthy and moisturizing for your skin!

10. Bath & Body Works Pink Velvet Cupcake Lotion

If you’ve ever been to a Bath & Body Works shop, you know that the smells of their lotions can be heavenly. Pink velvet cupcake is one of the thousands of fragrances that Bath & Body Works stores. Good news though, some of their lotions also have natural ingredients and Pink Velvet Cupcake is one of them. So not only does this lotion have a unique sweet and fruity scent of red berries and whipped pink marshmallow, but it also contains natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and aloe. This can give you peace of mind that you’re not just smearing chemicals onto your body. Furthermore, customer reviews say that the scent is amazing and not overbearing, smells like raspberries and cream. skin felt soft after use, and that it was a new favorite. The combination of sweet scent and naturally moisturizing ingredients is sure to leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling ahhmazing!

11. G&H Nourish Body Lotion

There are so many different types of lotions that use similar ingredients, as you can tell by now. G&H’s Nourish body lotion is very effective for smoothing skin because of its complexion of unique natural ingredients. These include orange blossom honey (one of nature’s best moisturizers), shea butter (a common ingredient because of its natural richness of vitamins that is even used in Africa),  and pumpkin seed oil (which is a super-food rich in vitamins and fatty acids). The name speaks for itself- this lotion is sure to nourish your dry skin!

12. Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer

This lotion is made up of key amino acids that soften the skin. The key ingredient in Hempz Pomegranate Body Lotion is hemp seed oil, which is known for its wrinkle-fighting antioxidants and hydrating effects. Furthermore, other ingredients such as pomegranate and vitamins A, C, and E provide UV protection. The common component of shea butter, as well as ginseng, also give long-lasting hydration. Customer reviews for this product said that it is great for sensitive skin, has a wonderful smell that isn’t overwhelming, skin felt moisturized and younger, feels fresh and clean, and that it makes a great gift. This lotion will not only provide moisture for your skin but also help protect from harmful UV rays!

Which of these moisturizing lotions will you try?  Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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