10 Types of Phone Cases that Are Trending

10 Types of Phone Cases That Are Trending

It seems that phone cases have been trending ever since smartphones were invented. It’s no wonder – they add style, durability, and convenience to our everyday lives. With the newest editions of smart phones coming out, phone cases may die out because of the durability and design instilled into the phone itself. Luckily, phone cases are still a popular accessory. They can give the specific extra protection, design, or convenience that smartphone users need and want. One of these top trending phone cases is sure to satisfy your smartphone needs!

1. Geometric Splice Cases

Umm this phone case is so cute. The minimal design of a geometric splice case is very simple and appealing to the eye, which comes off as aesthetic af. You are sure to look trendy with this simply designed case!

Get the look: bottom left, top left

2. Liquid Glitter

Liquid Glitter cases are probably more for the girly type of girls (just kidding?). I hate stereotyping – so this case is basically for anyone who loves glitter and also love being entertained easily by the smallest things (cough cough me haha). There are so many styles/types, but most of them generally have some type of glitter inside of a clear liquid case. Pretty awesome right.

Get the look: iphone coffee, samsung glitter

3. Wallet case

Oh my gosh, wallet cases are soo convenient! (you’ll never forget your wallet). They also come in so many styles and colors, which is convenient to match your personality. (There are floral, plaid, designer wallet cases and then there are plain black or brown cases). This type of phone case is one we recommend, especially if you have a ton of cards!

Get the look: samsung & iphone sweden wallet case

4. Leopard Print

This phone case looks so…classy, trendy and chic! Leopard print is a personal style choice but it is definitely trending with many accessories and clothing articles these days. A leopard print case is an easy way to spice up a neutral look!

Get the look: samsung, iphone

5. Plaid

Plaid cases are so fun. They add that extra spunk and style your day needs. Just looking at one can remind you of a warm plaid sweater or scarf. They come in many colors, but black and white can definitely go with just about anything and will always match. A plaid phone case is a nice accessory!

Get the look: plaid case

6. Matching

Everyone has to have that special someone, even if it’s a friend or a family member. If you’re the type of person who likes having matching or cutesy stuff with your significant other, then matching phone cases are for you. These come in all sorts of styles – different designs, colors, and even quotes. The one’s below coincidently all happen to have hearts. Rest assured, not all matching phone cases are this cutesy. (If you get one for your man, there are more manly ones so he doesn’t feel he’s losing testosterone).

Get the look: matching phone cases

7. Floral Cases

Umm isn’t this case just the cutest?! Floral cases may or may not be for a more girly type girl. Floral accessories in general give off a feminine vibe – so a floral case will do just that. These kinds of cases also come in all sorts of styles of flower prints and color background, but most of them are equally cute. A floral case is must have phone case for every girl who owns a smartphone!

Get the look: yellow cherry blossom case, floral galaxy case

8. Customized Case

There are so many unique ways to customize your phone case. Typically this type of phone case is perfect if you want to use your case as a way to express yourself. That can be done in many ways. Customized phone cases can be made online with your own pictures or quotes, can be specially made to have your name or initial inscribed, or you can simply print off the designs you wish and insert them into a clear case. Customized phone cases are typically more popular for the younger youth that loves to express themselves (If you’re a millenial, you might have done a similar thing with your binder in middle and highschool…those were the days!)

Get the look: custom picture case, monogram case

9. Marble Case

Man, marble cases look so classy! This kind of case is mostly for the stylish chic look. It comes in a variety of styles that mostly vary in color and texture. You are sure to leave an impression if you have a marble phone case – they look so fancy!

Get the look: pink marble case

10. Silicone cases

Silicone cases are not only very simple and stylish, they are also convenient. The texture of these awesome cases protects your phone case from falling off a surface or slipping from your pocket. Silicone cases often come in a variety designs or colors, yet each one is just as cute and conventional!

Get the look: iphone silicone, shop variety silicone cases

Which of these phone cases will you try? Are you planning to buy one? Let us know in the comments below!

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