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I was doing a devotional for an English class and we had to read a short Essay from some boring person in history (jk, I’m sure they were actually really important and contributed something) Anywayys, I really liked a portion of it. It really inspired me to be more open about struggles we go through. Because ultimately, I’ve learned that if you don’t talk about things, then they just eat you up inside and that darkness spreads and affects you in so many ways that others can’t see.

Here’s the exerpt; enjoy!

“When you feel that your heart is sinking under trouble, be simple and frank in saying so. Do not be ashamed to let your weakness be seen, or to ask help in your urgent need. By doing this you will advance in simplicity, in humility, and in trustfulness. You will go far to root out self-love, which keeps up a perpetual disguise in order to seem cheerful when it is really in despair.

If you nurse your troubles in silence they will grow stronger and finally overpower you, and the unreal courage that self-love creates will cause you a world of harm. The poison that goes into the system is deadly. The poison that comes out does no great injury. You must not be ashamed of seeing a free discharge from the sore in your heart.

I would give no consideration whatever to certain expressions that escape you, and that are merely the utterances of suffering in spite of your real self. It is enough if such expressions teach you that you are weak, and if you learn not to hide and cherish your weakness, but bring it to the light so that it may be cured.”

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  1. Your post is enlightening and I agree that to bring troubles to light is the first step toward healing. Thank you so much for following BrewNSpew.

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